♥ Sarah Beth ♥ (sbmstars) wrote in demon_dollies,
♥ Sarah Beth ♥

  • NAME: Sarah Beth
  • AGE: 16
  • LOCATION: New Orleans
  • FAVORITE BAND: eek im not good with choosing my favorite band but i will list a couple of bands that i listen to more than the others. i really like the horrorpops, the adicts, the misfits, the cramps, nekromantix, cherry poppin daddies, anything swing or jazz, rocket from the crypt, social  distortion, siouxsie and the banshees, buzzcocks, and loads more but yall get the point
  • FAVORITE MOVIE: hmmm i dont really watch alot of movies but i would have to say that i love the movie crybaby. pleeeeeeeeeease mr jailor
  • 5 INTERESTS: i really enjoy anything in space, trumpet, cats, swing music/dancing, swimming
  • WHAT MAKES YOU A DEMON DOLLY?: hehe because im a "hard-ass psychobilly babe,a sweet as pie dame who prowls the underground with a vengeance and a sexy smile on her face"

thats me and my friend nicole haha yeahh my eyes are really small....i dont know why...

pulling hair????

fake hair at claires can always cure boredom during the summer!

me with some guy i met at the YL camp ha. i just thought it was a neat picture because we both were wearing black and red :)

hey coolcats! i hope everyone has a kicken time in this community!

add me if you want! :) i love making new friends

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