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The Old Haunted Cathouse -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Demon Dollies' Sanctuary of Sin

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(don't give a damn about your rebel yell)

new girl [05 Oct 2004|06:10pm]
[ mood | awake ]

*NAME: Ana Bananna Rama
*AGE: fake age=21 real age=23
*LOCATION: Michigan- orig. from AZ
*FAVORITE BAND: oh so many...i don't have a fav. but i've been listening to alot of Mr. Badwrench and Deadbolt lately (i'll spare you the obligitory "tiger army and neckromantics."
*FAVORITE MOVIE: Anything with or by Vincent Gallo
*5 INTERESTS: cult classic movies, music, mingling at shows, hair bleach, and red lipstick!
*WHAT MAKES YOU A DEMON DOLLY?: in the words of the all powerfull Three Blue Teardrops "cause sinners love thier sleep!"

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